Posted on: January 23, 2012 11:56 pm

Is this the Peak?

Well a few weeks have passed since Oklahoma State had the very best season in the history of the football program by beating OU at home to win the Big 12 championship and the automatic BCS berth.  OSU was burned by the BCS when they chose a rematch between two SEC schools for the national championship.  Oklahoma State was forced to take a Fiesta Bowl BCS berth, a game that they won 41-38 despite facing Stanford's Andew Luck, the likely number one draft pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. 

As the season progresses for the men's basketball team I have to wonder what is going on in Stillwater.  When I attended the school this would be the time of the year that Eddie Sutton would have borrowed shoulder pads and helmets from the football team to have his players wear during practice to increase conditioning but also to encouraged hard inside play in the paint.  Usually after surviving such a practice the players would bond and would work more cohesively as a team.  Instead of seeing the Cowboy's team bond on the court they seem to be leaving in waves from the program.  In the three years that Ford has been the head coach at OSU I have seen no improvement in the team other than minor improvements to the lineups which were cancelled out when these players left to attend other schools or to enter the NBA.    I cannot be the only fan and alumnus that is seeing this because I have never seen Gallagher-Iba Arena so empty when OSU games are broadcasted on national television.  Is OSU holding onto Ford because they do not see a better coach available?  Is OSU holding onto Ford because they see something that I am not seeing?  Where is Pickens in all of this?  I know Pickens affected the firing of Sean Sutton and encouraged OSU to part ways with Eddie Sutton following his DUI arrest.  I think it is time for OSU to possibly cut their losses by cutting Ford loose?  What does anyone else think?
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